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Buy Keppra canada, Best place to buy generic Keppra online

Shower Glass Door

Price Not Announced

In Stock

Posted in cheap Keppra.

Single water deflector redirects water toward the inside of the shower
Side and door clear seals keep the shower watertight between wall and glass door or fixed panel
Full-length clear seals make the shower waterproof where door and side panel overlap
3/8″ tempered glass ANSI Z97.1 certified available in clear and frosted configurations
Clear glass is designed to be reversible installation and frosted available in right and left configurations
Hardware is available in chrome and stainless steel finishes with solid brass or stainless steel construction ensure superior quality and durability, Specially designed rollers make door closing smooth and effortless
Top rail support ensures wall anchoring and reinforces wall stability
Discrete door handle mounted on pre drilled glass
Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Technical Details Made for 44" - 48" adjustable shower door opening Door size 25 5/8" Door height 74"


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